Website Redesign

I am currently going through a massive website update and redesign at present so if bits do not work in the coming days and look wonky,,I am working away behind the scenes when time allows and shall update you all here when complete.

I am going to remove a few menu headings, like Transport , Motorsport and Land/Sea/Structures and focus the site largely to wildlife, my true love in photography,,,, the removed pages shall be thinned down and combined into 'Others'

The biggest change will be within the wildlife section. Nature reserves that I have,,, and visit will have their own page with photos for that specific reserve and location maps. I shall also try and include a wildlife index, a specific menu on the front wildlife page directing straight to specific species of Flora and Fauna. Currently, I have around140 bird species photographed and displayed with maybe a dozen or so not shown due to the complexity of adding them to the site, this I hope the website update will fix, the ease of adding new stuff.

Another new addition to the wildliife page will be 'Private Sites'

These pages will be open viewing, available to all, land privacy to the owner is paramount and exact locations will be kept 'Private' with no location information. These pages are mainly aimed at the private land owners that I have obtained permission from to investigate and document the wildlife on their property. Links and updates to the site owners will be provided to them when the projects get off the ground, hopefully within the next few weeks.

So far, I have visited two sites.

Site 1 visited 06/12/15 S&J permission obtained

This is a small paddock, very wild and untouched, brilliant! with lots of features and many varieties of tree including Fruit Trees. The site owner reports many birds and mammals, all of which they'd like to see captured in photo and video so they know what's present. An unknown Owl is also present and heard, the type of Owl is of unknown, I suspect Tawny but I need find and document., a challenge in itself!

This site also has an area of woodland, mainly coniferous that backs onto an area that I believe Nightjars are present on at certain times of the year. A site of great potential on the whole, with many features and habitats, and one of which I'm hugely looking forward to working with.

Site 2 visited 05/12/15 KF / RC awaiting owners permission

This site is of around 14 acres in size, 11 acres is un-used grazing with a small river known to be home to Kingfishers. The remaining 3 acres are home to three horses and a few buildings, a wildlife attraction in itself, one of which houses some breeding Grey Wagtails. I'm led to beleive. There were certainly a good number of Grey Wags present on the site visit along with a number of other species that were seen and heard. This site is looking very promising, the wonderful lady I met doesnt think there will be a problem in permissions.

Not much else has been going on really. I havnt been out with my camera for ages, my last outing, I think was to see and photo a Grey Phalarope just by RSPB Pagham on Ferry Pool.

I'm off to Scotland in January and then again in April for various bits n pieces, can't wait!

I hope to search out a Ptarmiagn in January, in winter, the one below would be all white.

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