Moor Green to Pagham

Went out to Moor Green this morning with the hope of catching some Hirundines in flight before they all left, I failed, today,,,,but I did catch my best shot of a House Martin yesturday. I also managed a dodgy Sedge Warbler this morning, it was far to dark and it wasn't playing nicly at all, all hidden away.

Sedge Warbler

House Martin

After a few hours in the hide, a trio of the regular guys came and joined me, we peered out the window to, not a lot really, it was reasaonably quiet. We started chatting and I was informed that yesturday,,, Pagham had been graced with a Grey Phalarope and a Pectoral Sandpiper. After viewing a few pictures on a gents camera that was it,,,, ants had found themselves in my pants, I sat there for a further 10 minutes and it all got to much, I had to go see if this Grey Phalarope was still there. Thanks for the heads up guys, much appreciated!

I arrived just outside the RSPB reserve and it was apparant that there was something on the pool, there were around a dozen other folk there with scops and cameras. The Sandpiper was present but far to far away for me and camera, happy to see it though. The highlight by far was the Grey Phal, it came so close, a privilege to meet such a confiding bird, it was just there! No more than maybe 20feet away!

Grey Phalarope

And just for good measure, a Red Necked Phalarope from earlier in the year from Theale.

Red Necked Phalarope

I have a ,major website redesign coming up very shortly. At the moment, to add new bird species to the gallery, especially if they need go in the middle of the pack, it requires some serious time to alter everything to fit a new bird in. I have around 20 odd new species to add.. All of wild birds, I don't do captives !

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