I went to bed with a Twitch

Then woke up an scratched it!

I went to Moor Green yesturday afternoon for a few hours to see what was about and didn't find to much, although I did see the Shelduck's and chicks, this was a releif. Just before I went to Scotland a few weeks back, I saw the female in and out of the burrow on Plover Island, I mentioned this to a few folk but it was dismissed, no, they are not nesting here you must of seen something else go into the burrow I was told, I was convinced it was Shelduck but I chose not to argue my case and hoped chicks would emerge in a months time, they did, I was right!!! :-) With any luck, the doubters will take my reports a little more seriously next time. #smug mode off

I got home from Moor Green and started seeing reports and pictures on computer of Black Throated Diver at Farmoor Resevoir in Oxforshire. I searched a good few Lochs in Scotland for these and the Red Throated Divers but found none, I come home and within a few weeks one turns up on my doorstep. Anyhow, I took a trip to Oxfordshire today, Like Staines resevoir, Farmoor is another huge expanse of water, but as per advice, I headed straight for the causeway and in a very short period of time, I'd got my first ever sighting and,,,,,,,, 458 pictures, a bit over the top but the light was poor, it was very windy and it was blowing me and my lens all over the place and I just had to make sure I captured something useable.

Black Throated Diver - Farmoor Resevoir, Oxfordshire



After the Diver, I walked a figure of 8 around the complete complex for Sanderling, I found a single bird at the far end of the larger expanse of water, but as is more often the way, you lift the camera and it was gone, so I settled for one of six Dunlin that were close by.

Dunlin - Farmoor Resevoir, Oxforshire



On my way back from Farmoor, I popped into the place opposite AWE in Burghfield for Red Backed Shrike but didn't see it. I got chatting to a couple of guys there that said yesturday afternoon, some idiot went chasing it through a wooded area for a view, I wont mention the guys name, but, they thought this action scared it off, he was certainly called a few things for his gung ho style and not giving a s**t about anyone else there yesturday! How true this is I don't know, I wasn't there, what I do know is that I didnt see it today after a couple hours looking about. Had it left or was it hiding away because it was so windy?

Moor Green - Shelduck

2 of 6 chicks, there were 8 I beleive.


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