Cairngorms 29th April. Breakfast with an Osprey

Out before daybreak this morning and off to a hide to meet some Osprey. With a belly full of coffee and a pork pie I was set. The light was pretty poor, not helpful for action shots where I wanted a high shutter speed and low iso. But I managed a few reasonable pictures at 4000iso+ 1/1000th~f4~500mm.


Will probably go back up Cairngorm later after I have warmed up for Ring Ouzel, Snow Bunting and Ptarmigan, well thats the plan anyway, the weather will play a huge part in this, I was up there two days ago and conditions were,,,, harsh. If all goes well, I will update this.

I managed two of the three birds, Snow Bunting,,,, a new one for me and Ring Ouzel. I managed a poor record shot of an Ouzel at Combe Gibbet in Berkshire just over a week ago, and if I'm honest, it was pretty poor but have now managed something 100 times better, not perfect, not brilliant,,, but better.

There were around a dozen Snow Buntings in the main carpark, I thought I'd struggle for one but nope, they were reasonably tolerant.


There were also a few Ring Ouzel about, 4 males and two females.


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