Nightingale ~ Dinton Pastures

Had an early start this morning with the hope of a shot of a skulking Nightingale, I wasn't disappointed! A friend gave me some absolutely brilliant directions and advice on where and when to find one at Dinton Pastures. (Thanks Richard, brilliant!) I followed the directions exactly and found the spot at around 6.30am, about half an hour before his suggested best time.

6.30 was quiet for Nigtingale, so I sat on the bench by wooden bridge and just familiarised myself with the Nightingale call on my phone and listened and watched the birds go by. I say watched the birds go by, there were a good few jogging past in tight lycra, most pleaseing to my eye :-D although getting a focus on the feathers after those views was,,,,,,,, testing. Two birds with one stone!

Just before 7am a bird started singing, it was loud, I was close but do you think I could see it? nope! After 10 minutes or so a few more birds started calling and I had a few sightings deep within the bushes and trees, I managed a few poor obscured shots and I thought that was it, not much better was to be had, but one particular bird sat in a pretty clear spot for a nano second allowing me to get the best I could with the time I had. Well pleased would be an understatement, a first for me and even more importantly, I have heard its song with my own ears, it should make finding one a whole load easier in future!



Today is the day!

I'm off to Scotland :-)

A friend suggested that with my recent capture of Nightingale that it was a good omen for my week in Scotland. I will hold you to that Tina! I have a cottage ready and waiting for me near Grantown On Spey from Saturday afternoon. I have a list of things I want to photo but with the weather looking a bit pants I'm not sure if I will achieve all on the list, but it will be good to get away and get cold and wet at worst. I have had weeks to prepare but its only just now I have grabbed a handful of clothes and chucked them in a bag, I dont think I am going to need that much, it's only a week,,, clothes, laptop,camera and bits and thats all! Travel light and go with the flow I guess. I just hope the wifi in cottage works!

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