It's been a bit quiet

Since my last post not much has been captured, I'm still on a mission for Sedge Warbler with no joy, I have heard it for the last three mornings at Moor Green and have had brief sightings among the bushes but it's not playing nice at all - all hidden away. I have heard on good authority that whithin the next few weeks there maybe a few more birds turn up so the chances of a decent pic should increase a little. I'm pretty sure if I chose a different location for a picture this bird would be a bit easier to capture.

Been reasonbly successful with a Male Blackcap though, just need a female one now with the brown cap, this should be reasonably easy, a friend told me about a nest site, thanks Grant! and I have also found another down near the river not far from LTT nest next to the path, an awesome creation,,, nest of Long Tailed Tit!


What else,,,, not a lot. I am off to the Cairngorms on Friday (maybe) the forcast looks rubbish at the moment, I have considered not going but sods law says, if I don't go I will be kicking myself. I also want to visit the Farne Islands on my way back, but again, the boat trip is very much weather dependant. We shall see.

A Mallard duckling and a Wren.



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