Garden Warbler ~ Barn Owl ~ Common Sandpiper ~ Redshank ~ Pied Wagtail MGL.

Was out at first light this morning on a mission to photo a Garden Warbler. I spent the last half of yesturday afternoon into early evening trying and failed a decent shot.

I got to Moor Green just after 6, I unlocked the gate and spotted Noel walking up the path in a hurry, I had just missed a female Marsh Harrier he spotted,,,, GUTTED! If only I had got there earlier. Anyhow I strolled off down the path with him and couldn't miss the Barn Owl hunting over honey field, the problem was I was on the wrong side of the path so it was a case of walk all the way down to the hide and then do a U turn and whizz back up bridleway to a decent photo spot. Luckily enough I managed a few shots before it was off into its box. I love the Owls!



After watching the Barn Owl for 10 minutes or so, it was off to find the Garden Warbler. After hours of hearing its song yesturday, locating one was easy, getting a decent shot took the best part of 2 hours! Well pleased it showed itself for me with minimal obstacles, I can handle the perch being an obstruction but anything else makes me almost grumpy! Some say I am to picky with my shots, to critical,,, but I am happy. all to their own I say!

Garden Warbler


Feeling content with my recent capture of Garden Warbler it was time to rest my legs, off to the hide I went and found Roger counting the Gulls, I have never seen so many out front of the hide in the water and on the island, there were literally hundreds. The Common Sandpiper was back and there were also two Redshank feeding. Had a quick chat with Roger and the subject of Sedge Warbler cropped up, I was off to find one with my new found knowledge, back to Warbler alley I went. On my walk back down I loaded up its call on my phone, I stood and waited for some time and nothing, Wrens, Tits, Garden Warblers, Chiffchaff, Blackcap,Whitethroat,Green Woodpecker,Dunnocks,,, I found them but no Sedge Warbler. I almost called it a day when I see Roger and Gordon walking down. So I waitied and what do you know, Roger was onto one immediately, after a short time, it was found and seen. I feel it's going to be a tricky little so n so to get a good photo of, the main thing is I have seen and heard one now, I know what, and where to look. Thanks for your time, and help Roger and Gordon!

Common Sandpiper from this morning


Redshank & Piedwagatail from yesturday



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