Mating Redshank - Moor Green Lakes

Woke up a bit late this morning, I was hoping to be out at first light but never made it.

I got to Moor Green around midday and the carpark was full apart from one space, so I wedged my van in there, finished my coffee and off I went down the path towards the hide with my camera, it was sunny but windy, very windy. Didn't see to much on my stroll down, Chiffchaff, Blackcaps, Dunnocks and Black Headed Gulls. I had seen reports of Sedge and Garden Warblers, but if truth be told, one of these could of sat on a post 15 feet away and I wouldn't of had a clue what it was, it would have been a case of, take picture and look in a book or on web when I got home, I'm not a birder by any stretch, just a guy that takes shots of the various wildlife I see on my travels and has the odd twitch for a photo.

The first half hour in the hide produced nothing worth a picture, tell a lie, there was a Common Sandpiper but some dozy bat came in moments after me with her dog crashing about scaring it off. I dont know what it is with some people, a friend said something similar, he had a Snipe just feet outside the window when someone came in, slammed the door and proceeded to chomp about the hide scaring off the Snipe. Some folk really get on my nerves, no respect, no common sense and no thought for others.

The relentless drone of Black Headed Gulls this morning,,,,monotonous, but they have their place. It seems many people feel the same about the gulls, they are disliked to some extent, some suggest they would shoot them, some say they would add measures to deter them, very few in my experience actually like or want them there on the lake.

Mating Redshank, I so wish it wasn't windy, I struggled to hold the camera steady in the wind this morning and as you will see in the vid it wanst easy for the Redshank either. I did wonder if my tripod would of helped, Im sure it would of done a little but the 500's a bit of chunk for catching the wind in the hood.

Mating Redshank


In flight shot of one of the Redshank, I have been getting a bit of practice in with flight shots, mainly on the smaller birds. My way of thinking is that if I practice on the small stuff before I go away next week, then picking off the bigger stuff like Osprey should be easy. *Note I did say should be.

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