Ring Ouzel - Revist to Combe Gibbet

First job of the day today was in Newbury which I luckily knew about last night, this meant one thing, a quick wander about Combe Gibbet before work to see if a better shot of the Ouzels could be had. I was there by 6 and gone by 9:15 and unfortunately, no better pics were to be had.

I had a count of 12 this time but they had moved, or at least the ones I found were alot further along the path, they were around an 80minute walk past the Gibbet heading away from the car park, a bit of a long walk but worth it for many reasons.

Photo wise, I stole a Willow Warbler. I have seen these before but never managed a shot.

Luckily enough, this bird was in full song and a song I observed with a gent at Lavell's at the weekend, he went into great detail about Chiffchaff vs Willow Warbler which was most helpful, thanks Mr Stansfield!!


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